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The Home Doctor Book: Practical Medicine For Every Household

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing one of the most practical and useful medical books that every household should have: The Home Doctor Book. This is a book that has a wide range of applications, from treating minor cuts and scrapes to more serious conditions like infections.

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The Home Doctor Book: Practical Medicine For Every Household

The Home Doctor book is a massive 300-page practical guide written by two doctors from Venezuela who have had to come up with innovative solutions to treat their patients when they ran out of medicine, supplies, electricity, and even running water. The book outlines what medications you should stockpile and what DIY (Do It Yourself) techniques you need to be aware of to manage most common medical conditions at home.

The Home Doctor book is a unique guide for laypeople that they can use when help is delayed or to manage common illnesses that don’t require seeing a doctor.

About The Authors

The Home Doctor book author
Dr. Maybell Nieves

The Home Doctor book was created by Dr. Maybell Nieves with Dr. Rodrigo Alterio and Claude Davis. They created this project to help people take care of themselves and their loved ones when medical assistance is unavailable or while waiting for it to arrive.

Dr. Maybell had studied at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy. She is now the Chief Surgeon of the Breast Disease Unit and a General Surgeon at the University Hospital of Caracas in Venezuela, with more than 10 years of experience in the operating room. Dr. Maybell has developed new and innovative methods of treating patients when hospitals and pharmacies were out of service after the collapse of the Venezuelan economy.

Dr. Rodrigo practiced medicine at the three main hospitals in the capital, Caracas: Hospital Miguel Perez Carreo, Hospital Universitario de Caracas, and Hospital Domingo Luciani. Dr. Rodrigo currently works in the Department of Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.

Claude is a wild-west history expert and a lifelong prepper who wanted to find a way to help the American people and their families when there is a crisis and they can’t get medical help.

Together, they realized they could create something unique: a practical guide for when there is no doctor, pharmacy, or hospital available. According to the creators, the goal is to equip every household with the knowledge and tools necessary to manage their own health when necessary.

They do not advise using the guide as the first line of defense if the medical system is still available.

About the Home Doctor Book

This amazing book contains over 300 pages of useful advice, practical tips, and detailed instructions that may help you maintain your health and help those who are in need. By using the Home Doctor book, you can become your own “home doctor.”

The Home Doctor Book is a 304-page doctor-written and approved guide on what and how to do in most health situations when there is no help nearby. The methods Dr. Maybell developed in the book are now being studied and applied all over the world.

Most of the methods and procedures mentioned in the book are designed to be self-applied without any medical assistance. This makes them extremely valuable in situations when you can’t find any medical assistance nearby.

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What is in the Home Doctor book?

In the Home Doctor book, you will find lots of methods and procedures that are designed to be self-applied in most health situations. What is good about these methods and procedures is that they don’t require any medical assistance.

Some brief samples of what you’ll learn from the Home Doctor book
1- Why you should always keep some Listerine in your medicine cabinet

You will discover in the book why it can be a very good idea to keep a small supply of Listerine in your medicine cabinet.

2- How Cabbage Rolls can help treat Inflammation

Cabbage leaves have excellent anti-inflammatory properties, and they also contain substances that can draw pus or poison from a wound and hasten healing. This isn’t even a traditional cure. Dr. Maybell was taught that in medical school, and she later confirmed it in her practice.

3- The natural doxycycline that you can find in your backyard

There is a plant called Usnea, and it’s popularly known as Old Man’s Beard. This wild plant can be found all over North America. The book will show you how to turn this plant into an antibiotic tincture to greatly increase its potency and shelf-life.

4- 40 interesting home remedies our grandparents used

You’ll also discover 40 home remedies our grandparents taught us that doctors still use or recommend. For instance, you can use a potato to treat some headaches, toothpaste to treat insect bites, vinegar to reduce fever, a half-onion in your socks to cleanse while you sleep, a black radish to produce cough syrup, and many other things.

5- Some ingredients in your kitchen, when mixed the right way, can help you fall asleep

You’ll learn about certain ingredients that you likely already have in your kitchen that, when combined properly, can help with sleep. Try substituting this formula for any sleeping medicine you occasionally use, including melatonin, as it is all-natural and risk-free.

6- The advantages of using salt and oil for tooth decay and gum disease

You’ll learn about the traditional salt and mustard oil treatment for plaque removal and gum health. The mild abrasive properties of salt help to erase stains and brighten teeth. Additionally, it has naturally occurring fluoride, which is good for your teeth. On the other hand, mustard oil aids in gum health and facilitates the natural removal of plaque.

7- Things to do to maintain your immunity

You’ll learn what doctors do to maintain a high immune system after coming into contact with ill people, as well as what you may do at home to safeguard your family.

8- How to deal with injuries

From the book, you’ll learn how to treat common injuries.

9- What to do if there is a pain in your abdomen

You will be taught what to do if you have abdominal pain. The procedure is known as an “abdominal evaluation,” and you’ve probably already had one done when visiting the doctor for a checkup. You can use the Home Doctor book to create a complete abdominal diagram with nine areas that, when palpated, should show the location of the issue.

10- How to remove an Ingrown Nail

You’ll also learn how to remove an ingrown nail. If you don’t get rid of an ingrown nail, it can lead to a dangerous infection.

11- How to know if an arrhythmia is benign or dangerous

Changes in heart rate and rhythm are common during sleep, exercise, and stressful situations. However, an arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat, can also be a significant issue that, if left untreated, can result in cardiac arrest and stroke.

12- How to deal with Toothaches and Mouth Infections in times when you can’t visit a dentist

You want to know how to properly treat a dental infection because it can quickly become a pain. From the Home Doctor book, you will learn how to take care of toothaches and mouth infections.

13- An Eggshell remedy and other remedies made from things people usually get rid of

Inside the Home Doctor book, you will find 25 remedies made from things you usually throw away. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. For instance, you can make calcium pills from the eggshells you normally throw away, which will come in very handy during emergencies or when food is in short supply.

14- How to use Leeches medically like people did 100 years Ago

Leeches are a highly effective and simple-to-apply remedy for stopping a wound from festering and accelerating healing. They are also beneficial for high blood pressure. They lessen the strain on your arteries because they reduce the amount of blood flowing through them.

15- How to perform a complete Breast Exam at home

Any woman should be able to diagnose any problems with her breasts. She recupers more quickly the earlier she learns of something. Because of this, the book provides a straightforward set of diagrams and instructions that any woman can follow to perform a complete breast exam at home.

16- The natural antibiotic ointment recipe you should keep

The Antibiotic ointment recipe found inside the Home Doctor book helps to keep a wound from becoming infected and helps reduce scarring.

17- A one-minute stretching routine to alleviate most back and neck pain

You’ll find out how to deal with most of back and neck problems with a one-minute stretch routine.

18- Symptoms you may not notice that may point to internal inflammation

You’ll also learn about the little-known body signs that tell you if you’re currently experiencing internal inflammation.

19- Step-by-step instructions for dealing with almost any skin injury or condition

In Chapter 3 of the book, Skin and Skin Appendages, you’ll find out all you need to know to manage skin conditions such as corns, warts, athlete’s foot, burns and scalds, dermatitis, fungal infections of the nails, insect bites and stings, abscesses, ulcers, or open wounds. Additionally, you’ll learn why egg whites should be applied to second-degree burns, which over-the-counter medications to stockpile, and the precise steps for cleaning, stitching, and treating an open wound at home.

20- A simple home method for influenza and other respiratory problems

Many people who contract the flu during flu season end up in hospitals, coughing up their lungs in addition to having a high fever. If going to a hospital is not an option, you can learn a straightforward protocol to handle it at home from the Home Doctor book.

21- What happens if you take the wrong Probiotics

In the book, you will find out the only probiotics you really need to keep in your medicine cabinet. Probiotics are gut-dwelling microorganisms that affect your metabolism and general health. They can cause allergic reactions, and you don’t want to take the wrong probiotics and run the risk of messing up your gut flora.

22- How to recognise a stroke and what must be done right away

Time is a main factor when dealing with a stroke. If you act quickly, your body can recover completely. Instead, many people end up partially paralyzed, not knowing what to do. From the Home Doctor book, you will learn the fastest way to recognize a stroke and the one thing you must do right away to increase your chances.

23- An ingenious way to stockpile prescription medicines, including insulin

From the Home Doctor book, you will learn how to deal with shortages of medicines such as insulin, which some people need to take every day.

24- The best natural painkiller that grows in your own backyard

You’ll learn about the best natural painkiller, which most likely grows in your backyard. Many people in Venezuela turned to this plant for pain relief when they could not get relief at the pharmacy. This plant grows all across North America.

25- The only 4 antibiotics people should stockpile

Antibiotics save lives Without them, a minor cut infection can become life-threatening and a simple cold can quickly develop into a fatal case of pneumonia. While it’s possible to come across bacteria that are resistant to one of these four antibiotics, the likelihood that it can withstand all four is very low. This is because each of these antibiotics contains unique ingredients that act in very different ways. However, you should never take them without first talking to a doctor.

26- What happens when you take expired medications

The majority of the medications you have in your medicine cabinet are good for years after their expiration dates. The question here is: which medications are safe to take after their expiration dates and which ones are not? This is something that Dr. Maybell and other doctors were able to answer in the Home Doctor book.

27- How to recognize a heart attack and what to do next

A heart attack is a medical emergency that requires immediate action. Inside the Home Doctor book, you will discover how to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack and what the most common symptoms are in both men and women.

28- The biggest mistakes you can make in a blackout

You will learn about the worst medical mistakes you can make in a blackout and what you should do with medications that need refrigeration, like insulin or Humira.

29- The 10 medical supplies you need in your home

Medical supplies are not expensive and should still be available, but they tend to run out fast. In the book you will discover the 10 supplies you should have in advance, such as a painkiller called Naproxen, which is over the counter and more powerful than others like ibuprofen.

and more and more of methods and procedures you will find in the book.

The Home Doctor Book Price

You can buy the book through the official website Here, at a price as follows:

  • $37 for a paper copy with a digital copy and a $9.99 shipping fee.
  • $37 for the digital copy.

There is a 60-day money-back guarantee on your purchase. You will receive a full refund of your purchase price if you are not completely satisfied at any point throughout those 60 days, no questions asked.

The purchase also includes the following two extra gifts:

  • Wild Edibles You Can Forage or Find Around Your House: a book about life-saving herbs found all over North America, some of which may be growing near you.
  • Natural Healing Secrets of Native Americans: Natural Healing Secrets of Native Americans: In this book, you will rediscover the powerful natural medicines that natives relied on long before modern medicine.


Is the Home Doctor book worth buying?

In exchange for $37, you will learn a lot of useful medical methods and procedures that can be lifesavers in some situations. Of course, it’s a good deal.

What are the customer reviews of the Home Doctor book?

The Home Doctor book has thousands of positive customer reviews and a refund rate of less than 1%. This means that people seemed to like the book.

What is the refund policy?

The Home Doctor book comes with a 100% money-back return policy. During the first 60 days after purchase, if for any reason you are unsatisfied at any point, just return the item and request a full refund. Your money will be returned.

If you have any questions about your return, contact: Include the words “Return Question” in the subject line of your e-mail so that they can address your question quickly.

The Home Doctor Book Review – Last Word

When a person has a stroke, every second counts. Every second that passes without treatment, more brain tissue dies. That’s why it’s important to know the signs and symptoms of a stroke and what you must do if you or someone you know may be having a stroke.

Breast cancer is often detectable when it is in its later stages. That’s why it is so important for women to be breast-aware and to know how to identify the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. With this knowledge, women can catch the disease early and increase their chances of survival.

It is very important to have some medical knowledge. Think about what would happen if you were in an accident. What if you suddenly felt unwell and had no idea what the symptoms were. In the U.S., nearly 40% of people do not carry around any medical knowledge or information, which can be a major problem.

The Home Doctor Book Final Guide

The Home Doctor book focuses on handling various health issues without the help of a doctor. After reading the book, you will be equipped with the fundamental skills necessary to treat wounds and manage pain, as well as the ability to handle more complex health issues that arise frequently.

The book discusses the most common health problems you encounter at home. Additionally, there are illustrations and high quality images that can make it simpler for you to comprehend the treatment processes.

The Home Doctor book is ideal for people who prefer to try home remedies before visiting the hospital. It is also for people who want to pay less in medical expenses.

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